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Permanent Cosmetics By

David Chandler

While some Certified Permanent Cosmetic technicians come from a medical or traditional tattooing background, very few of them have also worked as a professional Hair and make-up artist. David's 25+ years of experience as a hair and male-up guru has included extensive work in cosmetic artistry, both of the traditional and "permanent" variety. He offers his clients the unique combination of skill as well as a keen aesthetic "eye."

Eyelash Enhancement
Eye Liner

Lash enhancement is more subtle than eyeliner. It is strgictally placed between lashes, to add depth to sparse lashes. Men and women can benefit from this procedure.

Lip Liner / Full Lip

Lip tattooing add's color similar to a sheer lip gloss, without the shine. This is a great way more define and add life! The result is a fuller looking more youthful lip with results lasting between 3 to 5 years.


Hair-like lines are created using a hand held tool carrying a grouping of needles called a micro-blade. By using gentle pressure, the blade glides over the skin implanting carefully selected pigment between the epidermis and dermis. When healed this looks just like real hair.


Both upper and lower eyelids can be lined with tattoo using black ink.  For longevity, black is the best option. The procedure takes only an hour to apply, heals in a few hours, with results lasting 4 to 5 years.

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